I refuse to vanish or set

when gravity tugs me to earth

in a blaze of gore or glory –

to wane to nothingness beyond

a slice of ashen promise –

And I will not slide quietly by

a masculine smothering of power –

for the damage will already be done.

Have you seen how moonlight blazes so hard

it slips beyond any brute shadow?

(Painting: Victor Florence Pollett)

3 responses to “Selene

  1. What I like about Kit Perriman, she doesn’t whine, or thrash about wildly calling for help. She observes, and acts on her observations, and fights back! Or that’s how it appears based on her work. Sometimes she seems to say “So this is what I saw. Here, look for yourself. You try and figure it out and give it your own interpretation.”

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  2. Yeah, well I don’t like to be too nice, but I swore I would only make authentic, true, and sincere comments. Isn’t it the “job” of the writer is to make as much money as possible? That’s why I made an oath to God to never be a writer (defined occupationally, as someone who earns a living through writing), even though yes, I make a living through writing, but I am an indexer, and that is not the same occupation.


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